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Festival of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in August near SertãThe village of Senhora dos Remédios is located in the center of Portugal in the parish of Sertã (district of Castelo Branco, Beira Interior formerly Beira Baixa - 6100) zone of Pinhal interior sul (southern pine interior).

It joins the town of Sertã and the locations of Mosteiro Cimeiro (6100-688) and Mosteiro Fundeiro (6100-689) of Sra dos Remédios near the main road IC8.  Latitude 39°48'3.50"N and longitude 8° 4'57.66"O.

Do not miss the great celebration of August, 14th and 15th with a  procession, good music and dancing. The first night offeres rockets and a great fire! Very easy: exit Sertã in eastern IC8 and follow the indications, the exit is close to the area of the chapel.

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios is the seat of a pilgrimage and annual festivities to the Virgin

A virgem da Senhora dos Rem�dios
It also houses altars of Beato Nuno, Santa Teresinha and Senhora da Graça.
  Santa Teresinha Beato Nuno

  view of Senhora dos Remédios
The legend of this chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
Shoot, you will kill it!

Legend: "When hunting, a nobleman was surprised by an enormous serpent living in the tick jungle that existed there. He was so afraid by such appearance that he climbed on a tree and possessed by a great fright invoked the aid of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and praid with such a faith that the Lady heard him; he soundanly felt encouraged and carried the rifle with determination and fired on the horrific animal killing it immediately'.

The scene is now represented on a panel of tiles on the wall outside of the church of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.
Here came Blessed Nuno Alvares Pereira to pry the Lady
Devout to Nossa Senhora of the Olive Grove former name of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios before the 18th century.
Nun'Alvares Pereira Aerial view of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios near Sertã


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In French : La légende de la Chapelle de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, Les Fêtes

La peinture de Américo Martins Delgado